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Bermuda is not for the poor

I decided to check out the dog friendly hotels in Bermuda.

While they may be dog friendly, they are not wallet friendly. We are talking 4 figures at the least expensive.

And that’s just for a night.

Of course, the Rosewood is near where the billionaires live. So, prices are commensurate with the neighbourhood.

I guess if you can afford the accomodation, you can probably afford the private jet to get you to Bermuda. Which also means that you can probably find some other place to stay as well.

Unless you want to stay in a hotel.

The rest of us have to leave the dogs back home.

Going to Bermuda???

I am seriously thinking about going to Bermuda for Lobster Season, which goes from the First of September to the 31st of March 31. I would like to take my dogs, which used to be impossible.

Now it’s only difficult.

Only a couple of hotels allow dogs: The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club along with the Rosewood Bermuda. I see which one I would go to if I do take my dogs. Unfortunately, both of them are away from civilisation. So, getting a Twizy would be a definite, but not a problem since the dogs would ride in the back.

Anyway, it’s still in the planning stages, but it is something I am considering. Also, considering Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine or the Gaspé. Those might be more doable with dogs


The Bermuda Buggy Ride

IMG_7685I made a comment about Bermuda once being a mid-Atlantic Mackinac Island in my previous post. That’s because it once was before cars became far more prolific on the Island.  Seeing a Bermuda buggy wasn’t that strange a sight (and people would ride bicycles all over the Islands as well).

The old Bermuda Preview Guides used to carry this blurb in the sightseeing section:

Bermuda Buggy: No Honeymoon is complete without a “Bermuda Buggy Ride!. It makes a “fun” outing for the family too. Children who’ve never travelled by horse and carriage consider it a rare treat. There are usually several carriages for hire by No. 7 Shed (where the Franconia docks) on Front Street.

IMG_7718There’s even a song about the Bermuda Buggy Ride that was performed by The Bermuda Strollers, Talbot Brothers, and Hubert Smith (at least).

Signs like this one on the bridge from St. George to St. David’s were common when I was a kid.

Buggy bells were also sold as souvenirs.

Alas, there are now cars and traffic jams. I think the only buggy is the one pictured above. You can find her in St. George.

carriage Bermuda tie - eBay -

Some people can be a bit clueless. Then again, the buggies aren’t as common as they used to be.

Some people can be a bit clueless. Then again, the buggies aren’t as common as they used to be.