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Social Media

I have a love hate relationship with social media. Facebook is a waste of time, but it allows one to track down old friends. I blog incredibly sporadically and its more of a commonplace book than a serious effort for me. Sometimes I crank out something new, but why invent the wheel.

Mostly I consider it a waste of time and most of my friends have similar beliefs: although I do have one Brexit fan as a friend. Believe it or not, I actually do like to challenge my beliefs.

On the other hand, I really don’t like wasting my time on the internet unless it is doing research. And Google sucks as a search engine since it is biased. I want to find something which gives me good information: not propaganda.

Anyway, I have been ignoring a group I created on Facebook. Fortunately, I made someone else a co-moderator and didn’t remember it until they messaged me about my ignoring the group.

well, I do like to get people talking, thinking, and questioning.


According to woorank (

I’m ranked at the 8,545,246th most popular site on the internet!  That’s out of 30 Million plus sites on the internet, which puts me in the top third.  Most of my views come from outside the US (UK primarily).  With my Bradshaw’s Guide post making up most of my views (Thank you, Michael Portillo)!

And I’m not even trying!


I’m sorry, but I find that really amusing!  After all, I am hardly what I would describe as a serious blogger.

The funnier part is that most of my detractors’ blogs have a lower rating than I do!

“Nobody reads your blog!!”

As if I really care, but that statement is not at all true.

I’ve found that this blog and the stuff I write does get attention.

In this case, my post on the haggis crisps helped Mackies with their sales. I was rather surprised to find that people became interested in them from my post!

I’ve found that I have been linked to by some fairly interesting people as well.

All that is amusing to me!

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The Reluctant blogger

It’s a bit unusual that someone whose opinion of blog comments is that they remind him of walking his dog.  The dog checks out a “post” on the street and makes her contribution on the “post” (figure it out). I write when I want to.  And hardly consider myself a serious blogger.

What the hell is a blog anyway.  It’s supposedly short for “web log”, but what does that mean?  It sounds to me like the Fast Show’s Jesse’s Diet sketches where Jesse emerges sporadically from his shed to inform a waiting world about his diet, with the words, “This week I ‘ave mostly been eating…”

In reality, they are vanity presses for people to vent. All sorts of opinions and observations show up on blogs. Some are well based, while others can be so far out to be amazing. It’s good to know what opinions are well founded v. just off the wall.  For example, the insurrectionist theory of the Constitution, which is just plain bollocks.

Anyway, there are people out there who think that blogs should be like scholarly journals or in some other way professional, rather than just being random musings and other interesting bits.  Others, as well as myself, have pointed out that these are like the commonplace book–places where people keep their notes.  It’s a bit outrageous to expect professional standards from this sort of writing.

I blog for my own amusement and don’t care if people read this.

I do have to admit to wanting to post some of the inane comments I’ve received, but I refrain from that.  They are read for my own amusement.