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Actualités de Brexit

Now, I know where my news about Brexit will come from in the most part: Le Figaro.

Now I’m really surprised that I never made anything of my degree in European Legal Studies. Toss in my thesis for my JD dealt with fisheries. Maybe I should have asked the Greenpeace chief in Brussels for a job instead of hoping for big bucks in the world of business when I found out he was a neighbour (and all round nice guy).

My ideology

I can proudly say I am a:

Post-Colonial Anarcho-Monarchist

Weddings, Tourists, Budgets, and other distractions.

I’ve been wanting to go off on a rant about tourists for some time. It seems that tourists are drawn to most of the places I’ve lived. I realise that they provide jobs, but they can also be a bit obnoxious. This is due to the fact that they tend to stop and gawk at things the locals take for granted.

But we don’t have houses like this in California

I’ve wanted to find out where these people come from and go and just stare at their houses and where they shop. You’ve had your fun, now go back to where you came from.

Anyway, it’s fun in Festival City! I went to the dentist and she made the comment that I looked as if I were in pain. My comment was that someone was poking around in my mouth with sharp instruments. Going to the dentists was nearly as bad as a visit to the local experimental theatre company. I can feel better about not being in London when I consider that there are at least two experimental theatres there (Royal Court and Donmar Warehouse–my mother’s a member of the latter).

For some reason, there is (was) Royal Wedding fever here with a local junk shop antique store placing various royal memorabilia in the window. I was out walking and ran into a group of young women in the height of wedding fever wearing gloves and other regalia as well. Fortunately, there is enough republican sentiment hereabouts that the insanity is kept to a dull roar. Things might be different had the 1745 gone the other way!

Here’s to the king across the water!

Anyway, one of my fav commentors, Richard T, said this about the Remember When Post:

Posting from Britain you forgot imposed a more stringent regime of cuts in service to pay for their misdeeds than Mrs T could manage and an attack on pensions based on the lies and manipulation of a gutter press – Fox TV on paper indeed.

I have to agree that I do fixate on the US’s budget disaster far more than I do about the same processes in the UK, but for good reason. The budget debate in the US is rather one sided toward the right wing viewpoint. In fact, it seems the right in the US has hijacked political “debate” so that the US looks as if it is one gigantic lunatic asylum (e.g., Terry Jones and Donald Trump’s birther lunacy). I believe Kurt Anderson made the comment that US Politics is like the film Groundhog Day where people keep rehashing the same old arguments over and over with no change ever coming about.  The poor deluded peasants in the states that believe they will really be able to pick up the crumbs from the billionaires’ tables if the rich don’t pay taxes after 30 years is truly amazing.

The good reason is that if the US’s economy tanks due to right wing morons, it will have catastrophic effects for the entire world economy.  That might not be so bad since it could lead to a new economic system.  Of course, it depends on how equitable that new economic system would be for the world.

I guess I shouldn’t be too upset about some innocent fun from the hereditary celebrities–especially if it creates jobs.

Justin’s 100 Treatises

I found this blog through another post on the Secular state.

Justin is a very intelligent young man who likes to cover political, philosophical, economic issues, and the topic of secularism and religion. In fact, part of me wants to defer to him on the topic of secularism and religion as he is wise beyond his age in thse matters.

He has just finished a three part post on Afghanistan that is most cogent and insightful regarding history and nation building. Unfortunately, the west likes to place its constructs upon a society which cannot work. The concept that nations can be built upon geographic, rather than cultural and ethnic lines is the cause of much conflict in Europe (Balkans), Africa, and Asia. Justin addresses the extreme multicultural society comprised by Afghanistan. Actually, Justin doesn’t mention that this area combines Iran, Pakistan, and India by the nature of ethnic and cultural identites (e.g., Pashtuns).

I hope that decision makers consider Justin’s comments and I hope those who read this take a look at Justin’s blog.

I wish young Justin well.

We haven’t heard the last from Tony the Weasel

Somehow in my state of political and current events ignorance, I’ve managed to keep it from my consciousness that Gordon Brown wants Tony “the Weasel” Blair to become president of the European Union.

Probably because I am glad he is GONE from British politics. I never liked him anyway since he made me feel as if I went to the wrong School or Oxford College when I met him. And this was pre-PM days. I had the fortune to attend Parliamentary discussions on License of Right in 1988.

My boss at that time told me that one day Tony Blair would be PM. Six years later, well…

The worst bit is that Blair reminds me of Alan B’Stard on the New Statesman. The really funny thing is that Rik Mayall claims he “discovered Tony Blair” in the Daily Mail.

Not as good as this from the Beeb: Explaining the defection to Labour, Mr Mayall said: “They are young, they are sexy and they are much more right-wing than the Conservative Party.”

I guess my suspicions were correct!

And you wonder why I call him “Tony the Weasel”.

Red or Blue: what’s the difference?

Where I come from “Blue” means “conservative” and “Red” is usually some form of collectivist philosophy, such as Socialism or Communism. This colour scheme is true for most of the world.

Of course, the US in its arse backwards way has these reversed. Although, I am not really sure what US parties actually stand for since it appears to be the party of the rich and powerful v. the party of the rich and powerful (republicrats and Demicans). In fact, the parties are terrible at making any real political stands in such topics as gun control, health care, the environment, transportation, education, and pretty much everything in general. That is a major reason nothing seems to get done in this country, other than making a show of electioneering. We have “wedge issues” such as gun control and abortion, which are really non-issues since gun control and abortion should exist and shouldn’t be any sort of “wedge”.

Actually, I don’t understand the progun crowd’s disliking abortion since the children aren’t alive anyway. They haven’t been born, which means that life is speculative. On the other hand, the gun crowd sees no problem in the death toll in the USA. Perhaps, if we ensured that wanted children came into the world, we wouldn’t have an issue with crime.

But the ultimate bottom line is the public welfare, which I see neither US party as being very interested in promoting. In fact, I am not very sure of what exactly the US parties are interested in promoting other than havoc.