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Renting a car in Bermuda

FireShot Capture 374 - (2) New Messages! - www.currentvehicles.comYou can’t.

They do have electric cars you can rent which are called “Twizy”. The people who used to joke I drove a smart would be even more amazed at these things. They are electric cars which look like something that would fly out of a jet fighter with the passenger being in the rear.

And there is absolutely no cargo space.

image-assetThe only advantages of the Twizy to a scooter is that the Twizy is electric and protected by being a cage. They cost around $100 a day to rent from Current vehicles, where I pulled the pics from.

Depite the changes in Bermuda, Bermuda’s Wade International Airport is something which hasn’t changed much since the Second World War when it started life as an RAF base. The Arrivals-immigration area hadn’t changed from when I was a kid: the pictures of the Queen were still young if I wasn’t. The Site MoretimetoTravel has a good write up on the airport: Bermuda Airport (BDA): Six things you need to know.  Number 5 is:

You won’t find any car rental counters

His explanation that:

And you won’t find rental cars off the airport grounds either. That’s because foreign visitors can’t rent cars in Bermuda. The combination of driving on the left-hand side (to which many visitors aren’t accustomed); narrow two-lane roads; and motorbikes zipping around the curves make it too dangerous.

“If you people rented cars here, you’ll kill us all,” explained one taxi driver. (Thus, taxis and public buses are abundant at the airport).

Isn’t totally accurate.


Traffic Jam in Hamilton

Visitors were not allowed by the Bermuda Government to rent cars or operate any other kind of four or more wheeled vehicle on Bermuda’s roads, or bring their own motorized 2-wheel vehicles – not even for the handicapped or disabled until the laws were relaxed in 2017.

This is because of Bermuda’s very small physical size, which is less than 21 miles in total land area and sixth largest population per square mile in the world, higher than in Bangladesh and Bahrain and exceeded only by Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Macao, Monaco, Singapore and Vatican City. Foreign drivers licenses are not legal in Bermuda, which means that visitors, even when they have driving licenses issued by their home state or province or country, aren’t allowed to drive in Bermuda.

One of the major changes from when I was a kid is that Bermuda has by far more vehicles per square mile than anywhere else in the world. That means I was a treated to seeing a traffic jam which extended the length of Front Street and Pitts Bay Road, which was a few miles.

So, I go for the Twizy if you want to brave Bermuda’s roads in something other than public transportation.

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More of the Smart Car: NYPD Smart

I grew up in Car manufacturing territory on both sides of the pond and once had a discussion with Emile Grenier, the person who patented the safety airbag about the perfect city car. He described something which sounded to me pretty much like the Samrt ForTwo.  I would take his opinion given he was an automotive engineer over a lay person.

Anyway, I imagine the people who think driving the Smart is somehow “wimpy” probably don’t have Grenier’s expertise.

Or that of the New York City Police Department who use the Smart.

To be honest, the Smart is the perfect car for a crowded urban environment.

So, you can try to make me sound wimpy or stupid, but I know you people have no idea what you are talking about.

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Another one for the person who said I drove a Smart…

The Smart ForTwo is the only model that made it to the US, but there were a few others that were sold outside the US. IMG_5152

The Smart Roadster and Roadster Coupé were introduced in 2003, based on a stretched platform of the Fortwo with a full length of 3427 mm. The two variants are meant to be reminiscent of the British roadster of yore, such as the Triumph Spitfire or the MG B. Both the Roadster and Roadster Coupé are available with a removable Targa roof or an electrical softtop. The Roadster is powered by 45 or 60 kW (61 or 82 PS) versions of the turbocharged 698cc 3-cylinder Suprex engine in the rear, which is engineered by Mercedes-Benz. The Roadster Coupé has only the more powerful 60 kW (82 PS; 80 hp) engine. A steering wheel with Formula 1-style gearpaddles, to control the semi-automatic sequential transmission, is optional. Weighing as little as 790 kg (1,742 lb), the Roadster is meant to provide the emotion of driving a sports car at an affordable cost; still, its price is not very far from that of a Mazda MX-5.

This is also for my friend who lives in Narnia.

I don’t know if the meta info for the photo will show up, but it is from my cellphone.

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Be careful what you wish for

I make no bones about it: I hate cars.

I far prefer public transport to cars, but I currently live between two homes (the secret to a happy marriage–live separately).  I have too much crap to take on the train: toss in they are now getting crowded. Loads of other whining.

Likewise, public transportation has the same problem: especially with two dogs. Even when they in bags since you take up way more space than is acceptable. Slightly more acceptable with that much crap on a train, but not when the train is packed out.

I’m happy as heck that driving is being discouraged, but there are now too many issues to car ownership to make it worthwhile (I’ve taken up leasing the past few years for a bunch of reasons).  There’s congestion tax, parking, traffic, etc.

I live in a city which was not designed for automobile traffic and it shows. The average speed over a century ago was about 8 mph.  My new car tells me my average speed and it’s 12 mph in the city! Of course, that’s due to traffic and traffic controls.  Not to mention streets which were meant for horses, not cars.

Seriously, a trip of about 16 miles takes me an hour!

Anyway, I am currently mulling over getting rid of the car (again) for Zipcar since that takes care of most of the issues other than slow speed.

I should be happy that car ownership is being discouraged. Not to mention I’ve done pretty everything I can to reduce my carbon footprint.

But I’m not for the time being.

Guns in cars

I am reading about how GPS thefts are on the rise, which doesn’t come as much of a shock to me having had two stolen from my car last month. The car was in a parking garage which had CCTV. Unfortunately, the CCTV was nonfunctional, but that’s another story.

Anyway, the gist is that the thieves spot the tell tale signs of the GPS cradle, such as the suction cup marks, and then break in. They will pull apart your car to find the unit, which is why they found both of mine in the glove box and boot.

The nice thing is that theft from Auto is pretty hard to prosecute since there usually isn’t a witness. Or, the witness is from out of state.

So, valuables in cars are something that thieves love.

Now, legislatures are coming up with laws that say that guns can be left inside of cars if one has a CCW permit. What’s wrong with that picture? I mean, we have other items (GPS units) which are pulled from cars with ever increasing frequency, but now we are going to put firearms into a place which make them easy targets for thieves.

Of course, the gun lobby claims that illegal guns appear magically from the fairies. The fairies go to the ghetto and turn legal guns into illegal guns. Hey presto. So, nothing to worry about.

But for someone who had two GPS units taken from a car with an alarm (they busted the window with the alarm indicator) in a place which appeared to have CCTV, this sounds like a really bad idea.

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