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Happy Birthday, Laci (the real dog).

To an amazing companion of over 11 years.  I think this song pretty much sums you up:

Happy Birthday.  May we have many more years of cool adventures together.

Doctor Seuss did use a Chinese Crested

Well, I always thought a Chinese Crested looked as if it were drawn by Doctor Seuss.  It seems I am correct!
Dog show
Unfortunately, this pic is too realistic.  I would really expect something much more Seussian.

But, it is fun to see an actual Chinese Crested in the Doctor Seuss books.

Chinese Crested Meme

Despite naming this blog after my dog, I hardly ever mention her.

But I thought I would post this given the derogatory comments made about Chinese Cresteds. Chinese Cresteds

Laci does her Yoga!

Downward Dog, and she’s a natural!

The internet being what the internet is, I don’t mind people using this image provided they give credit to me for it.

Or send me any products made with the image! Thank you.

Dog amongst the ruins

I found this while looking over the pictures for the trip I mentioned in my Weekend fun! post. It’s another picture of Laci enjoying her freedom on our weekend escape.

We were pretty much to only beings in the area, which mean that Laci was off lead. She was able to chase squirrels, sniff, and generally explore within reason and eye shot.

And since this is technically her blog, here’s another picture of her enjoying her freedom.

I want to move somewhere warm!

The dog isn’t too happy with all the cold weather.  She’s just lying about the house moping.

Wishing for warmer weather and squirrels.  Perhaps, she wants to join her grandfather in Florida.

The Chinese Crested from Animal Planet

I would have preferred their ad where the burglar is breaking in to a house and the Chinese Crested Growls at him, but…