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Comment adverse? not really.

Screenshot from 2015-12-08 18:25:19 I’ve said this a couple of times:

intelligent and constructive comments or can say something interesting and informative Please don’t waste your time writing ridiculous, ignorant, and irelevant comments as they end up in the electronic dustbin without being read. Quality over quantity is my preference for comments.

Fortunately, I’ve scared off a lot of trolls which means not too many comments.

Anyway, I am not a “serious blogger” which is something some people haven’t gotten through their heads.

Anyway, that said, I do enjoy seeing interesting comments.  I managed to get a good thread going at the Guardian’s page–sort of satisfied with how this turned out.

Which is why I am memorialising it here.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean that I check the comments here on a regular basis (maybe as frequently as I post something here).  After all, I am not a “serious blogger”.

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Dealing with the Internet Crazies

“I am an elitist, but I have a respect for people who don’t measure up.”

“Some of these people haven’t taken their medication.”

The video from this was pulled, but I found a similar clip. It’s from an episode of the West Wing where Josh discovers the internet. Here is a transcript if this gets pulled again:
osh: Donna!
Donna: Yeah.
Josh: Sit down; we’re going to post a response on the site.
Donna: What site?
Josh: LemonLyman –
Donna: No.
Josh: Yeah, we got to post a response to someone.
Donna: It’s a bad idea.
Josh: Why?
Donna: You don’t know these people.
Josh: Neither do you.
Donna: Yes, I do.
Josh: What’s wrong with them?
Donna: Nobody knows.
Josh: They’re taking a very healthy interest in government. They should be applauded.
Donna: Then applaud them but stay off the site.
Josh: These are the people talking. I’m not an elitist.
Donna: You are an elitist.
Josh: I am an elitist but I have a respect for people who don’t measure up.
Donna: People on these sites tend to be a little hysterical.

Donna: What Josh doesn’t know is that some of these people have not taken their medication.

Josh (to CJ, about CJ, it’s a…crazy place. It’s got this dictatorial leader who I’m sure wears a muumuu and chain smokes Parliaments.
CJ: What did you go there for in the first place?
Josh: It’s called
CJ: Let me explain something to you. This is sort of my field. The people on these sites, they’re the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The muumuu wearing Parliament smoker? That’s Nurse Ratched. And when Nurse Ratched is unhappy, the patients are unhappy. You, you’re McMurphy. You swoop in there with your card-games and your fishing trips –
Josh: I didn’t swoop in. I came in exactly the same way everybody else did.
CJ: Well, now I’m telling you to open the ward room window and climb on out before they give you a pre-fontal lobotamy and I have to smother you with a pillow.

Drimble Wedge & The Vegetations–Bedazzled

How I feel about comments.

Of course, the part about the Order of St. Beryl of Sussex is the best part of the film.

More of why I find comments to be a waste.

From the Daily Mash:

REGULAR internet commenter Tom Logan has admitted he is not even sure why he bothers.

Logan frequently posts comments on a wide range of websites, all of which provide him with broadly the same level of personal interaction as talking to a fridge.

Better yet:

Psychologist Donna Sheridan said: “Internet commenters often find it difficult to stop commenting, because this would be an admission that all their previous comments were a total waste of time.

“It’s a bit like compulsive gambling, but without the intellectual and social stimulation of spending all day in Ladbrokes.

Many a truth is spoken in jest!

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A koan (just curious)

If a comment lands in the spam folder, does it give any indication that’s where it landed?

Seriously, if a valid comment is made, is there something which says “your comment will be visible after moderation”?

Likewise, if a comment lands in spam, does it just quietly land there?

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Cease and desist

OK, this is pretty hypothetical stuff and is aimed more at the US “Conservatives” who tend to be more moronic and fringy than non-US conservatives.  After all, most of the readers of my blog are referred by a former member of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet! I should add that this is why I don’t really look at comments. But here goes…

I am not sure of what you are trying to persuade me about your “point of view”, but basing your argument solely upon an idea’s being “liberal” isn’t really valid, especially if the programme in question happens to have been suggested by the likes of Richard Nixon (e.g., environmental protection and gun control)!  If anything such an argument tend to show is that you are fairly ignorant.

And I don’t give a shit if you are a rocket scientist with patents, because ignorance means being in a state of not knowing.  That means you can be smart as fuck, but you are still an ignorant bastard!

To go a step further, ignorant arguments are just not persuasive–no matter how much you repeat them in the hope that repetition of a lie will make it true.

If you are too lazy to actually look into the topic, I am not interested in wasting my time listening to your repetition of nonsensical propositions.

First off, I actually have a life and things to do that are far more important than listening to you babbling (even if it is on a keyboard).  The fact that you are spending an inordinate amount of time just reading this blog makes me wonder about you.  You are putting far more into what I write than I do (as I just made a long overdue correction of a three year old typo).

And as for your comments, you have been asked not to post them here since they are rude, harassing, and just plain off pointless.  As I said earlier, you are only persuading me that you are a moron.

But, even more importantly, you are a moron who is coming close to breaking the law.  The First Amendment only protects you against government interference with your speech, private entities are under no obligation to you in any way.

And trust me, your “conservative” clowns will sell your arse out when it comes to free speech knowing full well that they would have to allow Unions, Socialists, and others to express their points of view.  They can’t do anything which might cause people to actually think about what it going on--and you are one of the ones they prefer to see not thinking–because people might start to ask questions.

But, that is a digression, what you believe to be free speech can be seen as harassment, threats, and intimidation placing them firmly into the category of being illegal.  That means such things as civil and criminal liability if you don’t get your shit together (although, I seriously doubt you could get your shit together).  You don’t want to loose your right to keep and bear arms, or are you hoping that people who harass and threaten are given a pass to keep their guns until they actually go on shooting sprees?

In short,  you are losing your argument, but are too dim to realise it.  That means you continue a course of conduct which is just downright counterproductive to everything you are hoping to achieve.

I am also going to ask where exactly you get your “facts” as they don’t coincide with reality.  Maybe they do in your universe, but not in the one I am inhabiting.

Is that in simple enough language for you to understand, or do I need to dumb it down further for you?

Julian Cope: World Shut Your Mouth

The BBC World Service has a programme called World Have your Say, those who know me know that I would prefer it this way:

Of course, really good, useful comments are always welcome.

Anyone who lives near Avebury and is “a fierce critic of contemporary Western society (with a noted and public interest in occultism, paganism and Goddess worship)” who went to School in Liverpool can’t be all bad.

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