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Hunting with Hounds

Another repost of my material from MikeB’s blog. One of the critiques of UK fox and stag hunting is that the dogs rip the prey to shreds.

I did some posts a while back about hunting where I mentioned hunting boar with hounds fd0c0-wildboarhuntuffiziand a boar spear. Someone made a comment about wanting to see me do this believing that I wouldn’t be willing to give it a go.

Far from it, I would love to try it, but the problem is that the hunter isn’t the first to encounter game when one hunts with dogs–it’s usually the dogs who will encounter the prey first.

Upon finding a pig, a dog pack will chase the animal until he or she is exhausted. Hunters follow on foot, horseback, or in swamp buggies (that’s usually in the USA).

” . . . a wild scene. Leif and Tucker [dogs], who have raced past Cock [hunter] just before he reached the bay, are latched onto the pig’s ears. The other dogs bard and dart in to bite the pig’s flank. The pig squeals with a pitch and volume that would make the whine of a table saw seem like a low hum. Cock grabs its back legs, throws it down, puts a knee on its shoulder and begins stabbing. After four or five tries, he pierces the heart. The blood flows, the squealing stops and the admiration of the carcass begins.”
– description of a hunt, St. Petersburg Times, June 4, 1999

Before the dogs are restrained, the pig can suffer horrible injuries. Occasionally, a wounded pig will escape, only to later die a lingering death.

Of course, dogs enjoy the hell out of this, especially if they are hunting breeds as the picture of the dogs with historic hunting reenactor Richard Swinney show. Anyone who knows dog expressions can tell the dog with Swinney is pleased as hell, and the dog in the background wants another boar! Hunting is a natural activity for dogs and hunting with them bonds one to the pack.

Naturally, the animal rights crowd find this to be repugnant and hunting boar with dogs is illegal in some jurisdictions: this includes where I live. I believe that the nearest place for me to do this is in Germany and I would have to join a club.

And yes, I do go hunting with dogs and have experience in these matters.


Support for the Dogs of Britain…and humans who like to hunt as well

Master of Hounds
Connaught Square Squirrel Hunt
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a Chinese Crested Powderpuff who enjoys the hunt of Squirrels (see attached picture) and who is descended from British Champion Chinese Cresteds. While I am quite proud of my British heritage, I have to admit that this ridiculous law makes me quite happy to live in the land of the Free and home of the Rebellion which separated our two great countries.

The activities of your organisation came to my attention through an Article in the Telegraph which stated that:

‘The Hunting Act prohibits one from encouraging a dog to chase a squirrel. More than that, it is frightening that one’s dog could be put down and one could be fined £5,000 for saying Go on Rover, get after it!.’

I am assuming that this absurdity comes from having a Labour government run by Tony the Weasel.

In fact, I am truly of the opinion that banning the act of hunting squirrels by dogs would be among the acts which were enumerated by the dissatisfied colonists had George III been mad enough to ban squirrel hunting. It would have made the top of the list and even stirred the heart of the most ardent Tory to the cause of independence from a mad British government as it has stirred Michael’s and Mine.

If it were not for the other absurd law regarding quarantine, I would love to join you and your organisation in a hunt when my human companion travels to Britain to visit his mother. Alas, I am only able to give you my whole hearted support in your cause and will think of you as I enjoy the liberty granted by the Declaration of Independence.

This liberty is so strong that I can hunt Squirrels in Independence National Historical Park while my human companion is barred from exercising his right to carry a concealed handgun as enshrined in the Second Amendment!

The right for dogs to hunt squirrels is truly a God given right which no man shall infringe!

I remain yours truly,
Ms. Laci Boots