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It was almost 30 years ago…

The famous picture! The RM making targers of themselves for Argie snipers.

The Falklands War formally began on Friday 2 April 1982, when Argentine forces invaded and occupied the Falkland and South Georgia Islands. However, the British government had taken action prior to the 2 April invasion. The SSN HMS Splendid and Spartan were ordered to sail South on 29 March, whilst the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Fort Austin was ordered to support HMS Endurance in response to a group of Argentine scrap metal merchants raised the Argentine flag at South Georgia on the 19th of March. The British Task Force left Portsmouth in Early Arpil 1982 (about the 4th).

Falkland Island is roughly the size of Wales and the topography is pretty similar as well–only there aren’t that many people there! Lots of sheep and penguins though. It did feel like an exercise in Brecon or the like gone too horridly realistic. The Yomping was pretty heavy duty–for someone who has a love affair with the FN-FAL, try toting that with roughly half your own weight in kit for a significant distance (56 miles or 90 km) and see how much you like the thing! SF had the advantage of using armalites (M-16s for septics), which were lighter. Feel sorry for the poor bloke with the GPMG!

My mom went there a few years back and I said don’t go to the places where we were since there are still 117 uncleared minefields on the Falkland Islands and UXOs are scattered all over the battlefields due to the soft peat ground. No human casualties (OK, how many sheep and penguins have died there since 1982?) from mines or UXO have been reported in the Falkland Islands since 1984, and no civilian mine casualties have ever occurred on the islands.

Get ready for the remberances!