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Michael Portillo’s Great Continental Railway Journeys!

Michael is back with another Bradshaw’s guide, this time the Bradshaw’s Continental Railway Guide from 1913. Hathitrust does not have a copy of this, but the people responsible for this show were clever this time!

It seems that Old House has discovered that there is a demand for these guides and they are available for purchase.

Actually, I did search and didn’t find a copy online (there was a similar RAC Title at Hathi). Still, part of the reason I posted the link to the first guide was that it wasn’t available anywhere else at the time. In fact, there were two copies I knew of, the one used by Michael and the one on Hathi. Robert Humm said that the one he sold Michael was the only one of two he had ever seen.

I wonder if an original of the Bradshaw’s Continental Railway Guide is available?