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I’m liking this guy more and more…

Between his thing with an older woman and this headline.

I said Molly Shattuck should have gone to France back in the day. And Emmanuel Macron proves me right. Molly had no relationship with her alleged victim. On the other hand, Brigitte Macron was Emmanuel’s teacher!

Molly gets convicted and has to register as a sex offender.

Brigitte ends up married to the President of France!

Vive La France!

And moving on…

Better yet, the word “gerbe” can mean a couple of things.

The first is a garland of flowers, which this article in Le Monde is referring to with the phrase “deposer une gerbe”.

The second meaning is to puke, which I learned by missing this question: L’enfant gerbe, present tense of “gerber”, c’est-à-dire, en langage populaire, l’enfant vomit. Exemple : J’ai gerbé toute la nuit à cause de ce kebab. (I forgot this was in French when I posted it: The child pukes, present tense of “Gerber”, that’s to say in popular language (or slang), the child puked all night long because of the kebab.)

OK, maybe Macron DID puke on Napoleon’s tomb, which some people would find appropriate since Napoléon has a checkered career. Puking on Nappy’s tomb really makes me like the guy.

Maybe Molly can petition Emmanuel for French citizenship and a pardon (Venez en France, Molly, nous traitons les femmes comme il se doit.).