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Hey, Nimrata Randhawa Haley and Piyush Amrit Jindal, how do you like Miss America?

Actually, what really upsets me about this whole situation is that didn’t happen in the United Kingdom since it would be fun to say that she was as British as chicken tikka masala.

On the other hand, she is in the US which doesn’t have a deceptive national dish.

But, the US is supposed to be the melting pot, but that doesn’t seem to work for Desi culture.  That’s a crying shame to me since I wish there were more Indian restaurants and it wasn’t so hard to find Dhansak on the menu when you do find one.

Even worse, when the reaction to a Desi Miss America is to provide a barrage of ignorance.

Which makes me wonder how you two feel being associated with that part of US society such that you have to hide your Desi identities?

Nimrata, you are such a shame!

Nimrata, why are you ashamed of being Indian?

I look at this picture and you look like a Farangi (If I were using Cantonese, the word that comes to mind is “gweilo”).  Did they lighten your skin up? Did they Photoshop you to change your looks?

Sikhism is a noble religion.  Why did you give up the kirpan for guns?  The symbolism of the kirpan is much more productive than the ridiculous chant of “gun rights” that people mindlessly chant as a mantra in your neck of the woods.

Isn’t ahimsa a better principle to live by?

Not to mention, I have a thing for Indian Food and music.  Bollywood movies are over the top, but what the heck, they are fun. I seriously think you should choreograph your next speech as a Bollywood dance routine!

So, does your American Story mean that you have to renounce Indian Culture to fit in?  Does it mean that you have to hide how you look and assimilate into the culture?  Why can’t you be proud of your Sikh heritage?  Or do you associate that with corner shops rather than being a governor?

Remember Margaret Thatcher was a grocer’s daughter when you think such thoughts! Not to mention that your father was a doctor.

I don’t know, Nimrata, but this picture scares me quite a bit about the US.  Does one have to assimilate and lose their heritage to belong to that society?  Is historic amnesia part of the American nightmare?  Does one need to become a White, Christian to be a proper American?

Somehow, all that seems wrong.  The US is headed in the wrong direction–not that I really need to care about that myself.  The society I live in is working at living with its diversity and moving forward.

What I see in the US and from its media, shows that it is a society that is moving backward to a world that I don’t want to live in. I am glad to have left it.

You should say the Punjabi equivalent of “Jai Ho”, not “Can’t is not an Option”

I will add as a postscript that my copy of Flora Steel and Grace Gardiner’s The Complete Indian Housekeeper and Cook, which was a guide for British ladies living in Colonial India first published in 1888 on how to live in that society, just arrived today.  That seems rather fitting to add that bit of the Empire to end this post.  Maybe Nimrata is trying to be a Memsab!

Desi and Breeteesh

The food's crap at this restaurant, but the atmosphere couldn't be more authentic.

O.K., it may have sounded as if I were being a bit harsh on Nimrata Randhawa Haley and Piyush Amrit Jindal for being Farangi idiots and trying to distance themselves from Desi culture.

Of course, I come from the Country that gave us Chicken Tikka Masala and I would act differently if I want to do the subcontinental gig. After all, the sun never sets on the British Empire!

Anyway, what could be more like a Bollywood film than having Nimrata do a large choreographed dance routine at her next speech?

Sikhism and Abortion

Yet another treasure I found while looking up other things:

Sikhism does not define the time at which the soul enters a human foetus and so there is no official position on abortion. Even if the time was defined, it would be a personal decision and as with any important decision in our lives, we should use compassion and intelligence.

I found this while looking up Sikhism in relation to Nimrata Randhawa Haley (AKA Nikki Haley). Does Nimrata use her compassion and intelligence, or is she trying to be a Farangi idiot?

Come on, Nimrata, act proper Desi! Somebody put a Bhangra tape on the sound system at her next speech! Maybe we can get her to do a Parveen Babi imitation!

Same goes for you Piyush Amrit Jindal, stop acting like a Farangi idiot!

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