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And while we’re at it…


Algebra is ane o the maist basic brainches o mathematics. Tho it isna aesie defined, it is chairacterised bi the uiss o seembols tae represent some operations, an o letters tae represent nummers or ither elements.


Algebra can be spleet up intae thir fields:

  • Basic algebra studies the parteiculars o an operations on naitural nummers, integers, raitional an rael nummers, an hou a bodie can solve equations wi variables.
  • Linear algebra is a theory o vector spaces, pairt o it bein the theory o linear equation an o matrices. Ideas an methods frae linear algebra can be uised in monie sindrie brainches o mathematics. For exemplar, the chief ettle o the study o functional analysis is infinite vector spaces.
  • Abstract algebra studies algebraic structurs like groups, rings an bodies that generalises concepts frae basic algebra.


Algebra, like coontin an geometry, is ane o the auldest brainches o mathematics. The name comes frae a beuk bi the Arabian mathemateecian Al-Khwarizmi cried Kitab al-jabr wa al-muqabalah (“The beuk o summary anent calculatin bi transposeition an reduction”).

Algebra wis cleckit for tae help solve equations. The solutions o linear an quadratic equations wis aareadies kent lang syne. In the 16t century Italian mathemateecians fund solutions tae cubic an quartic equations. In 1799 Gauss shawed that “ilka algebraic equation o degree n, haes n ruits (solutions), rael or imaginar”.

At the stairt o the 19t century Niels Abel an Evariste Galois pruived that the solutions o equations o degree bigger nor 4 canna be expressed uisin coeffeicients o the equation an algebraic operations juist—that is, the’r nae generalisation o the quadratic, cubic or quartic formulae tae heicher degrees.

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Guid tae see ye!

The Scots leid is unalike the Inglis or Gaelic leids!

And that is the extent to which I am going to try to write any of the Scots leid!

OK, there is a language difference in Scotland between English, Scots, and Gaelic. The Scots and Gaelic languages are Native to Scotland and I have to admit that I am more inclined toward the Gaelic. Although, I do find the Scots Wikipedia interesting. Scots is an acquired taste to me, which being polite about it. That is what puts me firmly in the Gaelic camp. Yes, it is the language of Rabbie Burns, but…

Anyway, I am always willing to give a plug for the Scots Wikipedia. Especially since it’s where I learned what a Tammie noorie was!