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A bit late for Christmas, but…

It seems that a Mattawan, Michigan High School Teacher was suspended and then reinstated after the School Christmas Gift Exchange went a little XXX!

It seems that students brought sex toys to school wrapped as presents for the Christmas gift exchange.  The teacher didn’t know about the X-rated toys ahead of the exchange.  It wasn’t until the toys were unwrapped that the gifts were realised to be less than innocent. Mattawan Superintendent Patrick Bird says the teacher was suspended because she didn’t take immediate action after the wrappings were removed.

The unidentified teacher is now back on the job at Mattawan High School. The superintendent says she’s a “great teacher” who’s made a “positive difference for kids over the years.” The students were not disciplined.

Although, they might have enjoyed that!

The best means of home defence?

This isn’t the first time this topic has come up as I have made a post about it here.  There was this story in the news last month. Now, this story pops up in the news.

If guns are a penis substitute, what better substitute for a firearm than a penis substitute?