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To pirate or not to pirate–that is the question

Series 7 of Un Village Français aired last year.  France 3 divided it into two parts the same way they did series 6, which is really annoying on several fronts.
UVF 5a
The first being that we find out what happens at the end of Series 5, which ends with an outdoor production of a play being raided by the Gestapo. It is safe to assume that things didn’t work out too well for our thespian members of the Maquis who decided that the show must go on from the picture to the left below.

I imagine Mueller having his troops give them a standing ovation before machinegunning them on the spot.UVF1

But, it’s taken a couple of series to learn their fate.  Not to mention find out what happens to the rest of the inhabitants of Villeneuve.

But there is a big drawback in that it seems this series is hard to find.  Although I did come up with a pirated copy of Series 7. And the subtitles are available at  I don’t feel right buying the pirated copy, but I also don’t like having to pay as much as the “official” English releases can cost.

I can only imagine that France 3 will again release all of Series 7 on DVD after all the episodes have aired.  That will be sometime this autumn.

Not sure I can hold out that long.

(Actually, this is available on a couple of streaming services which specialise in the type of non-US, furren language programming I like: e.g., and Amazon. I’ve signed up for a couple of these services since I don’t watch broadcast TV. I prefer to be my own programming director)

Further info: the First half of Series 7 has been released on disc.  MHz combined the first two series into one making the rest of them a number lower (i.e., 3 is 2, 4 is 3, etc.).  The first half of series 7 has been released as series 6.


Yes, there are English subtitles for un village français.

un village francais screen cap

Screen cap from S2E1: La loterie

I found it amusing that the first DVD I popped into my player had an anti-piracy warning since getting subtitles for this series is an “after market” affair. There are subtitles available on the internet. Not the best, but subtitles nonetheless.

And they are free.

Unfortunately, the DVDs don’t make it easy to use the subtitles since there is copy protection which makes it hard to use something like VLC media player to watch them (and load the subtitle track). Although, one can download the subtitle file from the internet, which makes me wonder why the people who sell the disks didn’t put them on in the first place. After all, there was an article in the New York Times that praised this series.

That means that you have to make the episodes viewable in a source that can load a separate subtitle track since the DVD is unplayable as is through VLC.  As I said, VLC media player allows you to load a subtitle by going to menu>video>subtitle track  or subtitle>add subtitle track and then selecting the appropriate subtitle file.

Don’t complain about piracy as a reason for losing sales if you are not catering to the marketplace. Especially if the customer has to go elsewhere for the subtitles!  Even worse if the best way to watch your series is using a copy that was ripped, or even downloaded (I bought mine and do not advocate using downloaded copies if “official” versions are available).

I found the subtitles I use here:  These subtitles are by R. Clarke of Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

As I said, these are OK.  They were free and you get what you pay for.   They were not that helpful during the picnic scene since they either weren’t present or were up for too short a time.  I could probably make do without subtitles, but I find having English subtitles are far more helpful than the French ones were.   The French ones were more annoying than helpful.

But given that I paid 58.49 for the set (US$83.33, £47.60), I’m not unhappy with the end result.  I am unhappy that  have to take up hard disk space to be able to watch something I have on DVD.

Addition: as I’ve been ripping my disks for VLC, I’ve noticed that some of the subtitles aren’t very complete, but it seems that the addic7ed site has the only “complete” set of subtitles for this series.  I can’t vouch for how good they all are as I have only seen one complete episode, but these are (1) available and (2) somewhat complete.  Perhaps, the subtitle files may be updated at addic7ed to fix the incomplete/inaccurate ones.  At this point, the addic7ed site is the best source I’ve found.

Another note: I was QCing S5E3 and noticed that the subtitles were off timing.  There was Another scene which was not on the official DVD that was subtitled before the action began.  I’m not sure how to edit these, but that might be what needs to be done.

Further observation:  Actually, the subtitles work very well if you watch this using VLC media player in Linux.  I’ve been watching the episodes where I had problems and there are no problems when one uses Linux.

Also, the subtitles end at Series 5 episode 7 at this time (29 May 14).  Maybe some of the corrections will be made by someone.  I’d like to figure out how to edit the subtitles.  I just downloaded Jubler and may work on fixing these.  I will post them at addicted if I do (a) fix or (b) create subtitles.

As of now (18 Aug 14), the complete series subtitles are available.  I haven’t QC’d them, but they are available in English for the full series.  Thank you, R. Clarke of Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Bumme Heure

This is my response and message to the New York Times’ Aleesandra Stanley for her Article: The Elusive Pleasures of French TV Series– ‘Spiral’ and 3 Other French Shows Worth Seeking Out.  I agree with her that Engrenages (Spiral) is really good as is The Killing (which is also what it was called when broadcast in the UK, which was Danish and not French–so, I’m not sure why she mentioned it, but…).  Anyway: here’s my comment.

Really elusive for one of them: Un Village Francais.  That is the only one of them which has no English subtitles.  It’s also fairly expensive too boot since it’s pretty much a region two item.  Amazon UK has the first series on sale for £30 (it’s the only one with subtitles–French subtitles).

My french is good enough that I probably don’t need the subtitles, but I also don’t want to spend between £30 and 125 for the series!

Only the Returned (Les Revenants) and Spiral are available on Netflix.  I’m not sure if Maison Close is available in the US.

On the other hand, there is a fifth show for this list: Braquo, which I think is a US release, but also not on Netflix.  I have a region 2 copy, which happened to be cheaper (As was Maison Close series 1).

I have to add to this that I have been wanting to see Un Village Francais since Audrey Fleurot and Thierry Godard from Spiral are in it.  I’ve been looking for a copy and your article made me a bit hopeful.

Everyone who has seen it has said it is really good: so, it’s kind of a bumme heure that it’s not available en anglais.

And expensive to boot!

Anyway, I haven’t seen two of these, Returned (Les Revenants)  and Maison Close, and will take her advice.  I am upset that no one has decided to market a subtitled Un Village Francais since everyone who has seen it has said how good it it,  I’m pretty sure a UK (or Aussie version) would be a whole lot less expensive than the current French release.

Also, one other point it seems that the French release of Un Village Francais only has French subtitles on series one.  The rest of them have no subtitles.

Also, I decided to price check for this.  The series DVDs are pretty expensive, but L’Integral (series 1-5) works out to be 58,49 (about US$84.54).  That would be the best option, except that it doesn’t come with English (or French subtitles other than Series 1).  I hate ordering a DVD only to have it become available later with subtitles.  Also, having subtitles lets me share it with my friends.

Actually, there are aftermarket subtitles available for this series.  They’re free and “work”, but you get what you pay for.