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Bermuda is not for the poor

I decided to check out the dog friendly hotels in Bermuda.

While they may be dog friendly, they are not wallet friendly. We are talking 4 figures at the least expensive.

And that’s just for a night.

Of course, the Rosewood is near where the billionaires live. So, prices are commensurate with the neighbourhood.

I guess if you can afford the accomodation, you can probably afford the private jet to get you to Bermuda. Which also means that you can probably find some other place to stay as well.

Unless you want to stay in a hotel.

The rest of us have to leave the dogs back home.

Going to Bermuda???

I am seriously thinking about going to Bermuda for Lobster Season, which goes from the First of September to the 31st of March 31. I would like to take my dogs, which used to be impossible.

Now it’s only difficult.

Only a couple of hotels allow dogs: The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club along with the Rosewood Bermuda. I see which one I would go to if I do take my dogs. Unfortunately, both of them are away from civilisation. So, getting a Twizy would be a definite, but not a problem since the dogs would ride in the back.

Anyway, it’s still in the planning stages, but it is something I am considering. Also, considering Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine or the Gaspé. Those might be more doable with dogs


Britain’s tiny islands

In what has been described by Stephen Fry as a ‘project so pointless as to be vital to our national well-being’:  Dixe Wills, the author of bestselling book, Tiny Campsites, has surpassed his previous efforts with a new project entitled Tiny Islands.

Dog amongst the ruins

I found this while looking over the pictures for the trip I mentioned in my Weekend fun! post. It’s another picture of Laci enjoying her freedom on our weekend escape.

We were pretty much to only beings in the area, which mean that Laci was off lead. She was able to chase squirrels, sniff, and generally explore within reason and eye shot.

And since this is technically her blog, here’s another picture of her enjoying her freedom.

Weekend fun!

Ruins are so much more interesting with the Time Team gang digging them up.

I’ve been wanting to write a piece about how I want to visit all those neat places I see on programmes such as Michael Portillo’s series Great British Railways Journeys, Paul Murton’s Grand Tours of Scotland, Coast, Julia Bradbury’s shows, and so on. You know the type of places: Knoydart, Gower Peninsula, Scarborough, The Doncaster Earth Centre, ad nauseum. I’ve been to most of them and they are as good as portrayed.  Still there are other places to be explored that don’t have the media attention.

Of course, that is a huge case of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence laadeedah. Especially since I live a couple of miles from an early and historic canal in the city where I live and more than a couple from another much more impressive canal (but nowhere near the C & O Canal). In fact, I believe there are several canals not too far from where I live. Still, seeing Julia Bradbury hike a canal (or anywhere else) makes it look much more inviting.  My train journeys take me through the battlefields of the industrial revolution.  Still, I’ll admit that it is the lure of the media hiking about the celebrity places that makes the one look much more interesting than another less publicised attraction.

Laci and Ruins

And given my proclivity for digging up old guidebooks, I should be able to come up with someplace neat and off the beaten path. Although, guidebooks can be a bit like estate agents’ write ups of properties that get your expectations all built up. Not to mention that I have this unfounded belief that there is nothing worth seeing near where I live (now, would all you tourists please go away!). There’s another post in that, but when you see these places everyday….

Anyway, I decided to go away to a secluded place and found myself in an abandoned spa town. Yes, this was one of those places where the rich and trendy would go “to take the waters” up until toward the end of the 19th century. Then, artists invaded the place to imitate the French Impressionists to do plein air painting. Add in that the place has historic ruins pretty much throughout the village, which makes it a perfect attraction for artists.

Thyme in the herb garden

The place is in some far off, somewhat inaccessible region making it a lovely spot to remain undiscovered.

And I’m not telling where this is…

There is actually at least one Bed and Breakfast, which is the only dining establishment as well. But not a heck of a lot else for the general public other than the public library and government services. Well, there are paths for hiking, some ruins, and remains of the spa buildings.  There was a herb garden in the ruins.

So, one doesn’t need to follow the well beaten path created by the media to find some exciting places nearby to visit and relax.

See also: Heritage Coast (England and Wales)

Welcome to the REAL Magic Kingdom

Governments are running low on money, but don’t want to raise taxes. They are cutting services to the bone? What next?

According to BBC News: Parliament could become wedding reception venue

Well, Take that Mr. White Rabbit Republican! By being a Kingdom, the United Kingdom has a built in tourist factor that EuroDisney just can’t compete against. Why go to a fake-o Disney castle when you can have some REAL history going for you? If we get rid of the Royal Family, then what to do? Get people in funny costumes to play royalty? Personally, I prefer the real thing.

Lesser Toff have been opening their homes to the public for ages. Now, it’s time that “the Firm” catches up with the rest of British nobility and starts opening up their castles for tacky peasant weddings! Those annoying Texans can rent Windsor Castle for the real dream wedding.

It makes so much more sense than creating jobs and getting people to work.

Weddings, Tourists, Budgets, and other distractions.

I’ve been wanting to go off on a rant about tourists for some time. It seems that tourists are drawn to most of the places I’ve lived. I realise that they provide jobs, but they can also be a bit obnoxious. This is due to the fact that they tend to stop and gawk at things the locals take for granted.

But we don’t have houses like this in California

I’ve wanted to find out where these people come from and go and just stare at their houses and where they shop. You’ve had your fun, now go back to where you came from.

Anyway, it’s fun in Festival City! I went to the dentist and she made the comment that I looked as if I were in pain. My comment was that someone was poking around in my mouth with sharp instruments. Going to the dentists was nearly as bad as a visit to the local experimental theatre company. I can feel better about not being in London when I consider that there are at least two experimental theatres there (Royal Court and Donmar Warehouse–my mother’s a member of the latter).

For some reason, there is (was) Royal Wedding fever here with a local junk shop antique store placing various royal memorabilia in the window. I was out walking and ran into a group of young women in the height of wedding fever wearing gloves and other regalia as well. Fortunately, there is enough republican sentiment hereabouts that the insanity is kept to a dull roar. Things might be different had the 1745 gone the other way!

Here’s to the king across the water!

Anyway, one of my fav commentors, Richard T, said this about the Remember When Post:

Posting from Britain you forgot imposed a more stringent regime of cuts in service to pay for their misdeeds than Mrs T could manage and an attack on pensions based on the lies and manipulation of a gutter press – Fox TV on paper indeed.

I have to agree that I do fixate on the US’s budget disaster far more than I do about the same processes in the UK, but for good reason. The budget debate in the US is rather one sided toward the right wing viewpoint. In fact, it seems the right in the US has hijacked political “debate” so that the US looks as if it is one gigantic lunatic asylum (e.g., Terry Jones and Donald Trump’s birther lunacy). I believe Kurt Anderson made the comment that US Politics is like the film Groundhog Day where people keep rehashing the same old arguments over and over with no change ever coming about.  The poor deluded peasants in the states that believe they will really be able to pick up the crumbs from the billionaires’ tables if the rich don’t pay taxes after 30 years is truly amazing.

The good reason is that if the US’s economy tanks due to right wing morons, it will have catastrophic effects for the entire world economy.  That might not be so bad since it could lead to a new economic system.  Of course, it depends on how equitable that new economic system would be for the world.

I guess I shouldn’t be too upset about some innocent fun from the hereditary celebrities–especially if it creates jobs.