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Pour mon ami du Narnia

This is the ocean where I live, to the north (maybe Northwest) is an actual kingdom! Seriously and verifiably. OK, maybe I am not in England, but probably also not in the US.


C’est l’océan où je vis, au nord (peut-être nord-ouest) est un royaume réel! Sérieusement et vérifiable. OK, peut-être que je ne suis pas en Angleterre, mais probablement pas aux États-Unis.

Dit is de oceaan waar ik woon, naar het noorden (misschien noordwest) is een echt koninkrijk! Serieus en verifieerbaar. OK, misschien ben ik niet in Engeland, maar waarschijnlijk ook niet in de VS.

Hau bizi dudan ozeanoa da, Iparraldean (agian Ipar mendebaldea) benetako erresuma da! Ados, agian ez naiz Ingalaterran, baina ziurrenik ez da AEBetan ere. (No Breizh, Euskadi will have to do.)

(I forgot to mention that a battle was fought less than 1/2 a KM from where this was picture was taken.)

Canadian WWII era passport for travel to US.


I’m a man of the world!

I’m very amused at the gun loons at MikeB’s since one made the comment that:

The IP details are a match with your normal postings

This is one two passport totin’, dual citizen (US & UK ’cause “I was born in the USA”) who isn’t pinned down to one location: especially on the internet. That means there is no such thing as a “normal” IP address for me. Trust me, the geolocation thingies are a scream when it comes down to playing where am I? Sometimes I show up and sometimes I don’t.

The even funnier thing is that the person in question would have to come up with something that just don’t exist for a myriad of reasons to prove his allegations.

That said here is a tune for my provincial friend:

Problems! Problems!

I have to admit a bit of surprise when this popped up in response to my wanting information on viewing instant movies on netflix:

I personally consider myself a citizen of the world and this is an affront to my vie sans frontiers lifestyle.

Of course, I would prefer my culture to flow from Europe to the US rather than the other way around.

Which it is as I am downloading Spooks (AKA MI-5 to the Septics) 8 Episode 1 and Episode 2 of Andrew Marr’s The Making of Modern Britain (Road to War) from the BBC iPlayer website. Marr’s show is absolutely fascinating even though it is far more lefty than I am these days.

After having suffered through the last two Seasons of Spooks, I’ll give it a view on iPlayer before making a commit.

Nothing like a transatlantic Tivo to get me the type of viewing I really want!