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هذا النص ليس له غرض سوى بث الرعب في قلوب أولئك الذين يخافون من اللغة العربيةpledge

“We are a republic, not a democracy”


“We are a republic, not a democracy” was the slogan of France during the Terror.

For those not in the know, the Terror was the time when the national razor (aka, the widow or the guillotine) was used in a promiscuous manner.

It also showed up the founders’ love of republics as places where there was an enlightened harmony and stability.

The US is in a serious constitutional crisis and has been for some time.  No, Trump’s election is not the start of this, but a symptom of the decay.

The concept of the electoral college is indeed to thwart the popular vote, a concept in opposition to true democracy.  We can get into it preventing those who shouldn’t have the office. But that isn’t as germane as the concept that it also was supposed to keep a state, or groups of states from controlling the process since swing states control the process as much as a state with a large population.  The bottom line is that a few states control to the detriment of the nation just as much with the Electoral College as without.

Getting rid of the electoral college is a start to much needed election reform in the US.

After all, the US has been going to war to ensure democracy around the world–shouldn’t it practise what it preaches at home?


“Betsy Riot”

I thought I would check the definition of Betsy given at the Betsy Riot site with amusing results.  It seemed fun to share it.  Part of me wants to open comments on this post for a grin.

I won’t get any viewers since I will leave off the tags which usually serve as gunloon attractors.

The tourists call the place “Betsy Coed”, but it is pronounced more like “Bettis E Coid”. The locals will know what you mean if you say “Betsy Coed”.
I could try to find a clip of Michael Portillo saying it, but this is as close as I could come to finding someone say the place name:
Anyway, not sure how this came out as a result, but it was good for a laugh.

President Trump?

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton.  My reaction to hearing she would be the Democratic choice back in 2015 was “what the fuck are the democrats thinking?”  I went for Bernie and made the Demexit a little after the AP called the primary for Clinton.

That said, this pretty much sums up what I feel about the US election

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It is well known that this blog doesn’t take comments for a lot of reasons, but it seems there is a tool for dealing with Twitter trolls.

The bot is programmed to respond to all the main phenotypes of angry, unfulfilled internet bro, including alt-righters, Gamergaters, MRAs, Anonymous, Julian Assange fanboys, and the ever-present Infowars conspiracy theory crowd.

It posts endless provocations of the sort that invariably attract a creeping cloud of Twitter harassment, and it often names names.

I have to admit it would be fun to have an automated service bait people to a post and then let rip on them.

It seems that some of these trolls can’t figure out they are dealing with a bot and can spend hours arguing with it!

seriously, the bot is just like honey for internet jerks they spend hours and hours yelling at it

(although I did have a fun conversation with the early Eliza AI programme which I am sorry never was saved, but that is another story that would preclude me from ever serving in US public office.  Just in case having multiple nationalities also wouldn’t stop me.)

As the post said, you have to wonder about people who would spend 10 hours arguing with someone on the internet.

As the article pointed out people should stop seeking out and arguing with strangers on the internet if they don’t want to make fools of themselves. A bot can’t make you look foolish; you can only do that to yourself by taking the bait.

While I don’t really like pointless argument–it’s nice there is an obliging bot out there to keep people who do amused.

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Yes, it is a problem.

I have to admit to wondering when and where the email thing will take us.  She HAS violated a couple of laws relating to FOIA and keeping government records, which happen to only incur civil penalties. They also only apply when someone is still in government office.  That’s good for the Clinton camp since she hasn’t done anything criminally illegal that she has been convicted of (RefCo was a close call).


The real issue for me is the FBI investigation, which Clintonistas would like to think is somehow irrelevant and innocuous.  Hardly. The Feds aren’t too keen on wasting time if there is no case to be had.  They like winnable cases. The fun part is guessing what laws and by what parties.

The whole private server thing is pretty obvious in that She didn’t want to be under public scrutiny, despite laws to the contrary.  Toss in the Clinton Foundation for an interesting twist to this story.  My guess is that there is some form of mixing the position as Secretary of State with Clinton Foundation business, which is a serious no-no.

We can toss in the bit about her server being hacked as well with all those secrets. Ultimately, the emails are on Wikileaks.  Anyone who tries to even imply she doesn’t have a problem will be laughed off by me.

Doing a search on Clinton Foundation reveals a treasure trove of information about how this whole thing could blow up (and explain my last post).  The issue isn’t a “right wing conspiracy”, “left wing conspiracy”, “Bernie Bros”, “Obama Bros”, and so on:  It’s that Hillary is Hillary’s own worst enemy.

Her penchant for secrecy was one of the many things that cost her the nomination in 2008.

There is another post here on how this election is a prime case for how the US political system needs to be totally overhauled, but the fact that Hillary Clinton is even remotely considered for being President is a serious biggie. She will go into the arena with a set of political baggage which makes it laughable that anyone in their right mind would have considered supporting her.

That would be amplified if there are indeed federal criminal indictments, which would most likely be followed by convictions (see federal conviction rate if you don’t believe me).  Federal Criminal Practice isn’t really a trial practise, it’s “let’s make a deal” to try and get the best terms and sentence.

The really bad part of a Clinton nomination is that the Scandals will be hashed out very publicly, which is something most Clintonistas have been in denial about all along. But I have  feeling that the email circus is going to be the final word in Clinton Scandals.

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Today’s French Lesson!

Hillary est un gros cauchemar putain.

(She is a fat fucking nightmare)

And While we’re at it, here are the results from when I was trying to find a better res image of a meme:

Fuck Off SC

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