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Normally, I don’t check my comments, but I did to find a real treasure.

You shouldn’t knock someone’s intelligence by confirming your ignorance.  People with IQs lower than their shoe size should not call other people “dull”.

All I can say is thanks for providing your IP info!   (FYI: Look up the terms “ping” and “traceroute”).  There are even tools for learning if you have a proxy server (admissions like this hurt my claim that I am a Luddite, but…oh, well!).

I’ve learned a WHOLE lot about you, such as you use a free e-mail company ( as opposed to your isp (.net).  The only thing that would tell me more about you would be if you sent me an e-mail.

Do everybody a fav and post in your real name from now on (come on, I’ve known it was a pseudonym for a while, but you confirmed it for me. Either that or you are dead, which you seem to be intellectually).  OTOH, I’d be more than happy to post your personal info.  Then again, you might find people start saying personal things about you when you play in the blogosphere.

I should add that the wordpress system says this post is related.  I couldn’t agree more.