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French (and other European) TV on BBC 4

OK, None of this is a really shocking new development since BBC 4 announced a while back that the Bridge and Spiral (Engrenages) would make a return.  Series 5 of Spiral/Engrenages finished filming last year.  It ran this past summer on Canal+ (Euro version of HBO).  And the DVDs are coming out in December (OTOH, the DVDs for Series 5 of Un Village Français have not been announced despite that having run last summer).

The real issue is that there are these shows, and a few others that sound really good, which have yet to be broadcast.  For example, Cordon features a Belgian city that is sealed off from the outside world following the discovery of a contagious and deadly virus in a 10-part series.

Of course, none of this has been announced WHEN they will be broadcast.  It seems that BBC4 has a channel editor rather than controller which is a reflection of its downgraded status as a result of recent cuts.  Additionally, BBC3 is set to close next year (Autumn 2015) with the money saved from that closure being plowed into drama on BBC1.  That seems to get back to my point about the BBC allowing for people who don’t live in the UK to contribute to the programming a la US Public Broadcasting, but not sure how that would work.

I would hate for the British (and European) system where these are few commercials to be replaced by one like that of the US.  If you haven’t noticed that some BBC programmes are notably shorter (e.g. Dr. Who) since they will be shown on US TV which needs the extra 13 minutes to run commercials.

Of course, the other alternative is to get the DVDs and do your own programming, which is expensive.  Not to mention the issue that one has with shows like Un Village Français that have not been properly subtitled. As one person said about the  Canal+ teaser trailer for Spiral/Engrenages:  “it’ll obviously help if you can speak French. Can’t help you with the fact they’re a load of Parisian mumblers, though.”

So, I guess it is sit and wait for this stuff to make it to the TV/Market.