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Quelle langue est ma langue maternelle

An interesting question since I have spoken English, German, and French pretty much all my life and am functional in all three. On the other hand, there is the question of certification. For example, someone can be a native French speaker, yet not considered such for immigration purposes. The case in point is Emile DuBois, a French woman who was somehow deemed to not speak French according to Canadian Immigration authorities. The Quebec authorities decided she wasn’t a Francophone since part of her doctoral thesis was written in English! Eventually the Quebec authorities saw reason. On the other hand, I have a cousin who emigrated to Canada from the US and only had to converse with the immigration authority to be deemed proficient in French in Montreal.

Go figure!

Canada isn’t on my list of places I want to move to though: even the Francophone parts. I may like Quebec and the Gaspé, but I prefer France or Belgium.

Anyway, I had to say what was my “mother tongue” as part of my application for the DELF. I said “Anglais”. I don’t think it mattered much if it wasn’t French. Even then the purpose of the DELF is to show proficiency, even if one is a native French speaker. There are a lot of reasons for taking the DELF, business or personal. In my case, it is one of the requirements for French citizenship.

Jean-Paul Belmondo est mort!

I’ve known about it for a couple of days since I was greeted by a banner announcing that when I went to the FNAC site to research Apple Macs. Another thing I would have posted about if I were still on Fesses de Bouc. Although, Belmondo is one of the famous French Film stars, he’s more associated with the Nouvelle-Vague. Or “New Wave” in English, but the “vague” seems to carry over since those films tend to be something a certain sort of viewer likes.

He did do some things that were more mass market, but Bout de Souffle tends to be his most famous work. Borsalino is another one he did, but I think of Alan Delon more than Belmondo. In fact, I need to go and watch some of Belmondo’s classics to remember him. I have seen his films, but he’s one of those actors who is an actor and becomes the role so much that you forget about who is playing and pay more attention to the character.

Belmondo will be a definite part of French Culture even if he may never reach the controversiality of a Serge Gainsbourg or bring out the divided feelings Gainsbourg or Johnny Hallyday will raise if you mention them to a French person.

Je suis vraiment tenté de commencer à poster en français.

Although, my guilty pleasure is to speak English. It always has despite my confusion as to what exactly is “mon langue maternelle”. German, English, and French are all in the running for that title, which is obvious if you either speak to me or read my writing with a knowledge of those three languages.

At least I don’t use German syntax, but I do capitalise like one. Especially when typing. Although, my choice of computer keyboards is UK English and I have used other languages. French keyboards drive me nuts. US English, not so much, but they still can get annoying.

Oh, and French is actually a difficult language, which even the French will admit once you get to know them. One literally will spend all one’s life learning the language. There’s a nice big book called “Grand dictionnaire des difficultés et pièges de la langue française” (ISBN: ‎ 978-2035898227) which translates as “large dictionary of the difficulties and traps of the French language“. A search of ‎”pièges langue française” results in quite a few books.

I can get into why French isn’t totally my language of choice (and neither is German), which most of the arguments will be shot down by some French speakers. Others will agree with me.

Actually, French isn’t that hard, but I think French teachers have an agreement to make it hard. There are something like 17 French verb cases, of which not all of them are used. I have had a few French teachers tell me not to bother with passé simple since it isn’t used that much in real life. On the other hand, teachers of French love it. That and Tout/Toute/Tous/Toutes.

Karen O’Toole wrote a pretty accurate book on French verbs called “How To Cheat at French Verbs” (ISBN: 978-0982901946). Futur passé anyone? I agree with her in that one doesn’t need to study lots of verb cases for conversational French. Written French is another thing.

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More French puns

Les_Revenants_1_Yara_Pilartz_articleI was rewatching “Les Revenants” and there’s a scene in the first episode where Camille says something like “J’ai crevé“, which can be taken a couple of ways.

  1. She’s really tired
  2. She’s dead

I’m not sure if the writers intended the double entendre, but it was funny when I caught it.

For those who are not familiar with the series, Camille died in a bus crash four years before the show “begins” and reappearing in the “present”.  Naturally, her family is a little shocked to see her.
While I like the English language a lot, I am finding that French does have some fun words to play with (also see baiser).   Baiser would have been useful for the person who was a little over affectionate with his SO at the airport drop off lane:

Pourquoi ne allez-vous pas ailleurs si vous voulez baiser votre petite amie?

Somethings just don’t translate well to English.

Good one

I was doing a search and Google (English) gave this as a suggestion. Pretty funnyCe quoi ce bordel crop

OK, this liking of things French may have gone a bit to far!

PUTAIN! Mon compte de paypal est en français! Ce quoi ce bordel?!?!?

paypal compte

I should have guessed when I started getting e-mail from them in French. I thought it was because I had done a couple of transactions with France in a few minutes, but the notifications were from anglophone transactions (transactions with anglophones?).

corriel paypal

Actually, if this happens to you go to the language in “options relatives au compte” and switch the language to something you can understand.

Personally, I’m keeping it this way, but it was a bit weird getting a French website.  It also seems I’m not alone in having this happen as well.