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I did a post a while back about how my paypal account somehow defaulted to French. I decided to keep it that way to work on my French.

The unexpected advantage is that if anyone pretends to be Paypal and sends me something in English–I know it’s a scam.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a good idea to change the default language if you can’t speak it.

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You know you are really into Belgian beer when…   Leave a comment

You have the proper glasses.  And I don’t mean the generic Libby style ones.  I mean the actual brewery glasses.  In factpauwel-kwak-3, you probably have the correct glass for each beer.

You own the glass for drinking Kwak.

You have been to a brewery.  In my case, de Halve Maan in Bruges.  Although, I have been to some of the Abbeys (e.g., Leffe in Dinant).

You have actually stayed in an Abbey!

Any tour of Belgium sounds more like a pilgrimage than an actual holiday.

You know Belgium fairly well due more to where the Breweries are than actual geography.

You know which beers are Flemish and which are Walloon.

You are probably a better Belgian in accepting regional differences than the average Belgian.

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And she looks nothing like Karen Gillan!   Leave a comment

Anyone konws a BBC female news reader Sowey Daimon on the world service (I might misspell out her name, because I did this according to the pronunciation)? She speaks English with an American accent, which I find quite pleasing. What do you think of her accent?

Well, her accent is Scottish.

I don’t know if this is for real, but…   2 comments

This might be like Tintin in ThailandAsterix loses his virginity

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un village français saison 6

It seems that this was shown from the 4th of March until the 4th of June on French TV, yet the DVDs are not out.

I haven’t gotten as far as finishing the fifth series yet, but I have seen the ending and am intrigued as to WHAT Müller will do.   We know he is a sadistic fuck, but how much of one remains to be seen.  He was a really, bad guest of Chassagne,  but Chassagne deserved it.

Anyway, Series 5 ended with a nice cliff hanger.  Part of me wonders if Müller doesn’t have a sense of the dramatic himself and want to see how it ends as well.

Series 6 gets the people of Villeneuve to the time of the Liberation (AKA D-Day and the following).  There is also an upcoming series 7, but I think anything beyond that would be a real treat!

Anyway, I wait for the DVDs to be released since I’m hooked on this soap opera.

I can only imagine

OK, I’m on a website and for some reason I flip on the language selection as a pure lark. This pops up:
languages 2OK, the usual thing is to have one of the official languages (e.g., French or English in Canada; Flemish, French, or German in Belgium), but English in the other countries.  I’m really curious as to what the result is.

I can only imagine.  Does it imply that the English is written in the accent of the country in question: “Ze package eet is on eet’s way..”

For those of you who say I don’t live in the UK

This sign is on the corner of a pub near my house (it’s on the next corner). You can verify that this sign is actually valid at this page:

cask-marque.co.uk/index.php/find-real-ale-pubs/with-cask-marqueDSCF1425The amusing thing is that I never noticed this sign until a couple of nights ago when I was walking the dogs.

Hint: there are 7 pubs in this post code at the top 4 characters (“the Outward Code district”).  Not really helpful as there are 4/7 of these pubs that are on corners.

It’s obvious to me which pub it is, even though it is not in my exact postcode (none of them really are).  Maybe because I know the pub.

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