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This year Santa is going to bring me EVERYTHING I want–and he is going to get it all EXACTLY RIGHT!IMG_0028cYou’ve had fair warning here–I’m getting EXACTLY what I want!Practical Witchcraft Today

Metric is so much better than “English”.   Leave a comment

I’ve always thought that Celsius made much more sense than Fahrenheit since 0 is the freezing point of water and 100 is the boiling point of water.  Not to mention that you can sort of use the rule of 10 to determine how to dress: you can gauge your dress based on how hot it will be.  Also, it’s much better to say it’s -10 degrees out in winter.

But that’s just me.

Although, I’m listening to the reports of the typhoon in the Philippines and realising that winds of over 200 KmPH sounds really impressive instead of 125 MPH.

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Beer Pilgrimage?

I made a comment in the post You knowtrappist stamps you are really into Belgian beer when… that your trip sounds more like a pilgrimage. Anyway, Belgium issued this set of stamps of some of the Trappist beers.  Achel being the only one of them which I have not had.

I should note that the Abbeys sell these beers to raise money to support the monasteries and charities.

Anyway, Achel is the smallest and may be the newest of the monastaries brewing beer. I do have to admit a surprise when I went to their website for more information on the beer.  Let’s say there wasn’t much on the beer.

For what I am about to receive, may the lord make me truly thankful..

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This blog is not for the illiterate

I do have to admit to dumbing things down for the crowd that comments at MikeB’s

readabilityOK, that’s the way I am in person.

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French (and other European) TV on BBC 4

OK, None of this is a really shocking new development since BBC 4 announced a while back that the Bridge and Spiral (Engrenages) would make a return.  Series 5 of Spiral/Engrenages finished filming last year.  It ran this past summer on Canal+ (Euro version of HBO).  And the DVDs are coming out in December (OTOH, the DVDs for Series 5 of Un Village Français have not been announced despite that having run last summer).

The real issue is that there are these shows, and a few others that sound really good, which have yet to be broadcast.  For example, Cordon features a Belgian city that is sealed off from the outside world following the discovery of a contagious and deadly virus in a 10-part series.

Of course, none of this has been announced WHEN they will be broadcast.  It seems that BBC4 has a channel editor rather than controller which is a reflection of its downgraded status as a result of recent cuts.  Additionally, BBC3 is set to close next year (Autumn 2015) with the money saved from that closure being plowed into drama on BBC1.  That seems to get back to my point about the BBC allowing for people who don’t live in the UK to contribute to the programming a la US Public Broadcasting, but not sure how that would work.

I would hate for the British (and European) system where these are few commercials to be replaced by one like that of the US.  If you haven’t noticed that some BBC programmes are notably shorter (e.g. Dr. Who) since they will be shown on US TV which needs the extra 13 minutes to run commercials.

Of course, the other alternative is to get the DVDs and do your own programming, which is expensive.  Not to mention the issue that one has with shows like Un Village Français that have not been properly subtitled. As one person said about the  Canal+ teaser trailer for Spiral/Engrenages:  “it’ll obviously help if you can speak French. Can’t help you with the fact they’re a load of Parisian mumblers, though.”

So, I guess it is sit and wait for this stuff to make it to the TV/Market.

Belgian Waffles (Brussels and Liege)

Most people are familiarWaffles with the Liege Waffle if they are familiar with something called a Belgian waffle.  The Liege waffle is the one that most people think of when they think of these since they are pretty much the most common.  I know that I have to admit that the Liege waffle is the one that I think of off the top of my head.  They are sold on street corners, and I did a post on them not too long ago.

There are actually a few different types of Belgian waffles with the Liege Waffle being the most common.  These are what are most often sold by street vendors such as Belgaufra.  The next most common one is the Brussels Waffle, but they are pretty much only found in Belgium, which is too bad.  Also, most of the Belgian Waffle recipes out there are for Liege Waffles, not Brussels Waffles.

Like Liege Waffles, Brussels waffles are also made with an egg-white-leavened or yeast-leavened batter, traditionally an ale yeast. Occasionally both types of leavening are used together. They result is that Brussels waffles are lighter, crisper and have larger pockets compared to other types of Belgian waffle. Unlike Liège Waffles, Brussels waffles have a rectangular shape and deeper holes. Brussels waffles are usually dusted with confectioner’s sugar.  Both types of waffles might be topped with whipped cream (“Chantilly”), fruit, or chocolate spread.

Most waffle irons sold make Liege Waffles.  Finding a Brussels Waffle Iron is (1) Expensive and (2) hard to do outside Belgium.  In my opinion, that is why the Brussels waffle is not as common as the Liege Waffle–although both are pretty good.  But, good luck coming up with  Brussels Waffle outside of Belgium!

BTW, most of what is called a Belgian Waffle in the US is nothing like a real Belgian Waffle. First off, these are made with yeast and much lighter than what is mostly passed off as a Belgian Waffle in the US.  Also, the Liege Waffle has pearl sugar.  In short, they are weak attempts at a real Belgian waffle.

Anyway, I will repost the links to the Waffle Recipes.

See also:

I’m realising I’ve spent way too much time in Pays Francophone

Since I can catch that this is (a very good) parody of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin (amongst other French cultural references lately). And, this seems appropriate given that ‘Allo ‘Allo was a soft porn parody of Secret Army (I’ll confess that I watched episodes of ‘Allo Allo after watching Secret Army since SA is pretty heavy stuff).

Anyway, here is the original, which sounds like the soundtrack to a porn film (and if you are at all familiar with Serge Gainsbourg, you know he did some seriously weird shit).

With that, I’ll leave you to enjoy steak frites and a glass of vin rouge.


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