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OK, it’s been over 25 years since I lived in Belgium.  There have been a lot of changes since when I lived there and it was a Catholic country.  How Catholic was it?  The TV News would announce what Saint would have his feast day during the weather!

So, I was in a bit of a shock to hear that a healthy, 24 year old woman with severe depression was given the OK for Euthenasia.

Did I hear that correctly?

To get an idea of how shocking this is: imagine that you had been away from the US and you learned that people in the US suddenly banned guns saying it really made much more sense than “gun rights”.

Get the picture?

It seems that the Belgians have become tired of the paternalism of the Church.  Not sure if the Marc Dutroux affair had implications for the Church as well as the government of Belgium.

Anyway, it seems as if Belgium has swung to the opposite extreme on the issue of right to life: sort of like when a person who has been very religious and chaste suddenly goes off the rails sexually.

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Comes from Gabriel Chevalier’s “The Scandals of Clochemerle”:

Belgium: “Being a neutral country whose neutrality is not respected, we claim the right to arm to the teeth without restriction.”

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Normally, I don’t check my comments, but I did to find a real treasure.

You shouldn’t knock someone’s intelligence by confirming your ignorance.  People with IQs lower than their shoe size should not call other people “dull”.

All I can say is thanks for providing your IP info!   (FYI: Look up the terms “ping” and “traceroute”).  There are even tools for learning if you have a proxy server (admissions like this hurt my claim that I am a Luddite, but…oh, well!).

I’ve learned a WHOLE lot about you, such as you use a free e-mail company ( as opposed to your isp (.net).  The only thing that would tell me more about you would be if you sent me an e-mail.

Do everybody a fav and post in your real name from now on (come on, I’ve known it was a pseudonym for a while, but you confirmed it for me. Either that or you are dead, which you seem to be intellectually).  OTOH, I’d be more than happy to post your personal info.  Then again, you might find people start saying personal things about you when you play in the blogosphere.

I should add that the wordpress system says this post is related.  I couldn’t agree more.

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I was going to do the title in Franglais (e.g., More un village français Season 6), but thought better of it. Anyway, here are the teaser trailers for the series.   These trailers give you a good idea of what a compelling series this is:

This series looks really good, but people in France have only seen the first half of season 6 (and 7 is supposedly in the pipeline as well).  No hope for the DVDs coming out yet.

Pas encore!

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 OK, I’ve been vindicated on the Clarence Thomas front.  Now, it seems this farangi was ahead of the Desi crowd on Piyush Jindal and Nimrata Nikki Randhawa!

Piyush has been taking it (about time, folks) from the Desi crowd once he made his announcement that he was running for president on Twitter where the #bobbyjindalissowhite hash tag has been trending.  Never get on the wrong side of an subcontinental!

I’m sorry that the video that comes with the below clip won’t embed, but it’s a Desi Woman (Yes, she’s beautiful: she makes Radha look like a mortal).

Why Bobby Jindal is such a disappointing presidential candidate – especially for Indian-Americans

Posted by NowThis on Saturday, 27 June 2015

This just in from Ann Coulter:

Once again, I have to say that it’s times like this I wish that the US had a national dish like Chicken Tikka Masala.

“He/She is as American as Chicken Tikka Masala!”

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ThomasI know that post probably offends people (and I hope it’s the white people, not the black ones, since white people who abuse it are the ones who need to be offended).

Anyway, I’m feeling a LOT vindicated here now that he has said this.

I’m not sure where they dragged him up, but Clarence Thomas has long been an insult to the memory of Thurgood Marshall.

Now, I’m waiting for Scalia and Alito to make pronouncements tNino'shat it’s OK to start discriminating against Catholics.

Again, I am sorry I cannot have an out of tune banjo playing “Dixie” as you land on this post, but, despite what I am told, I am a computer illiterate.

A couple of other justices should consider retiring as well.

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There are a lot of reasons I am feeling this way from the seriously good cliff hanger ending to Season 5.  I have my theories as to what happened, but I await the “official” end to that scene–or some sort of similar resolution. Toss in the Americans have landed and are coming to Villeneuve (Season 6 starts with the Liberation of Paris). The first six episodes of Season 6  aired last November, but TF3 hasn’t aired the last 6 episodes.  They said they were going to do it in June, but no joy.  Even then, the wait for the DVDs of Season 6 to come out is going to be even more difficult.  Not to mention that TF3 says there is also a Season 7!

The upshot of this is that there are spoilers out there such as a teaser trailer for Season 6 and pictures of what goes on in the season. Not to mention loads of synopses. But, imagination is not as good as the show.  I really want to know what goes on especially since there is a scene of Müller digging his own grave, literally.  I think he is saved by the Americans (“Maintenant aux mains des Américains, Heinrich et Hortense sont séparés.”). I’m having enough of a time waiting for Season 6.  I hope that Season 7 is released quickly after and that the DVDs make it onto the market quickly as well.  In the mean time, I have to rewatch the first five series. This is one stinking good soap opera! I seriously hope it makes it to an English speaking audience since it is probably one of the best done TV shows about the Second World War (Colditz and Secret Army being other candidates).


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