Getting Root Privileges in Ubuntu

 I needed to get root access to my files during the livedisk session.  This did the trick:

Simulate a root environment. If you really need root access, you can simulate root using sudo. This will provide you with unhindered root access, which means a mistyped command could destroy your system.

  • Enter the command sudo passwd root. This will create a password for your root account, essentially “enabling” it. Make sure you don’t forget this password.
  • Enter the command sudo -i. You will be asked for your root password.
  • Your prompt will change from $ to #, indicating you have root access.
  • To disable root access, enter the command sudo passwd -dl root.

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Foutre le Camp

I had something nasty to say here, but I won’t.  If the person the nasty remark was intended for was intelligent as he believes himself to be, he would figure it out.

Anyway, this is actually a notation to myself, but it applies to the person above as well.

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It’s Spring 2015–Where is Cordon?

I mentioned that BBC 4 was going to run a Belgian show called Cordon in a previous post.   The show is described as:

Cordon is a new series from Belgium. Everyday life in the centre of Antwerp comes to a sudden standstill when the area is hermetically sealed off from the outside world. The cause is a contagious and deadly virus which spreads like wildfire.

The people trapped inside the cordon are suddenly left to their own devices. It brings out the very best in them, but also the worst…

The BBC web site says this is supposed to happen in Spring 2015, but it’s getting along in Spring and no new announcements about this.  I know that it is supposed to come out on BBC 4 and Four has had some serious budget cuts.  On the other hand, they have already announced they were going to be broadcast which says to me they have the money (i.e., these are bought and paid for).

The BBC has the usual menu of reruns, but they are not running some things from the archive that would be nice to see again (could you please rerun the Last Duel?).  My question is why if this is sitting around hasn’t it made it to broadcast?

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The Ozark Medieval Fortress

I thought I had mentioned Guédelon Castle in a previous post, or posts, but I couldn’t find it in a cursory search of posts. Located in the Burgundy region of France, the object of Guédelon Castle was to build a castle using the same techniques and materials used in the Middle Ages. The project has been going for roughly 25 years now.

Artist's depiction of the completed Ozark Medieval Fortress, which was originally projected to be completed in 2030

Artist’s depiction of the completed Ozark Medieval Fortress, which was originally projected to be completed in 2030

I thought it would be interesting if someone tried doing this in the US, but was unaware that there was indeed such a project:   The  Ozark Medieval Fortress in Lead Hill, Arkansas. The  Ozark Medieval Fortress was run by the same people who run Guédelon Castle.  Unfortunately, this project has been on hold since January 2012 in hope that someone new will take on the project.

It is up for sale  It would be nice if there was an “angel” who would take over this project: perhaps a US University with a Medieval Studies Department (as well as an engineering department) or a wealthy American who would be interested in an educational project.  I’m sure this would make a super tax shelter if properly created as a charity.

Deanna Leiber has a really great post on why this project was a flop: Annales Historiae: 6 Lessons We Can Learn from the Ozark Medieval Fortress.  While the concept of a North American Guédelon Castle is appealing, she makes some good points for why this particular project didn’t work.

I’m not sure how much the recession played in this being a failure, but I do have to agree with Don’t Start an Expensive, Tourism-Based Project in the Middle of Nowhere and Don’t Start an Expensive Project with Out-of-Touch Investors. As she  pointed out, how many people would be interested in a medieval castle in that part of the world?  On the other hand, Ms. Leiber is from that part of the world and expressed great enthusiasm for the project.  The real issue is how to market it to the US public.

Yes, the other points are also valid, but I think a major part of this was that it was a poor location to start. Also, the project never got the attention it should have deserved. I’ve known about Guedelon since 2009, yet I had never heard of this project.

I’d love for this project to be revived, but I don’t think there is much hope unless more people learn about it. The bottom line would be tourism, not education. Unless the project is presented in a way that can be entertaining as well as educational, there is no way this will make it in the US.

Of course, my main reason for doing this post is to get word out about The  Ozark Medieval Fortress in the hopes that someone will revive the project.

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Trying to understand what happened to Jamie Brunette

Why would a woman who had it all, had a great future, and seemed positive about it kill herself?  Why didn’t she call one of her many friends who I am sure would have talked to her about her issues?

The Why Factor on the BBC World Service has a programme on Suicide. Unfortunately, we may never have the answers to why this woman killed herself.

And we can only be sorry that she didn’t ask for help and get it rather than choose death.

Try not to feel guilty if you are one of her friends.  I know that is hard advice, but the chance for action is gone.  Now, you are left with questions as to why she did it.


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Cleaning spots from wineglasses (and other crystal glassware)

It seems the secret to getting out the spots is to use a linen DSCF0296“flour sack” towel.  In other words, the real secret is to properly dry the glasses with something that is highly absorbent.

Don’t bother with racks that hang the glasses to let them dry since they will result in seriously spotty glasses.

The secret is in the towels.

Come to Paris, Molly Shattuck!

Rue Du Mauvais Garcons

Although, this may be a street filled with nasty Parisian Waiters given what your luck has been.

I’m sure you know the fun I am having with the double meaning of the word “baiser”…


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